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how did the makers of tip.it make tip.it


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Assuming I understand your question, the actual site for tip.it is seperate from the forum. They have created a normal website for the domain http://www.tip.it and then installed the forum as a subdomain. The website and forum are seperate.




Although, many forum softwares have portal mods you can install that will co-exist with forum and allow you to have an actual website along with the forum and they will be run on the same software.

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Im assuming you're using invisionfree or something along those lines.




This site is hosted on its own hosting, not a non-accessible hosting thing. You need some hosting first, rather than having it hosted by someone else.




What you'll need to do is learn HTML and CSS and XHTML and PHP if you so wish and make your own website. You'll then need to set up a new forum on your hosting.




I wouldnt try it yet, if i were you. For the newer user, some of the things you need to know can be somewhat confusing. Develop your general internet knowledge first.

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basicaly ur goin have ot fork over money to make a good one like this. u must first git a domain which is like anyhting with a .com after it then when ur creating it u make a subdomain bascaly a sub route that would take u to forusm where u would then make it liket his. or if u wanted jsut link to invisionfree whcih i personly dont like

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so...,i know html, java script and a little bit of css, im learning java right now. like cant forums be run with java? i dont knwo much about java yet its just an idea..




thank you, lonnie

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