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Update to Pest Control. Possibly a hidden update?


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I checked RS's main site and didn't see any information on this update. I also didnt see any posts in the past 2 pages about this update, so I decided to post it. Don't flame me if it has been posted, some people may not know about it, kinda like how i didnt know about it 3 minutes ago.








I was in pest control getting some points for herb packs and all of the sudden i notice my energy up to 100%. usually thats not that uncommon, because i have 50 agility (not that amazing) and i usually only run to 1 portal to kill it along with some spinners. so i usually only waste like 15-20% getting some where and regain my energy quickly. This time was different. I remember this last round i played, i had done my usualy 1 portal kill with some extras on the side, but someone was stuck on the other side of the map with a portal at full health and 4 spinners they they couldnt reach. so i ran all the way there, and byt he time i got there, i probebly only had 70% energy left. about 10 seconds later, the void knight died. To my suprise, my energy was back up to 100%. this has never happened for me. i used to play 6 games of pest controll with the same running path, that would get me down to 0% energy, and i would go fletch 10 loads. by then, i would be ready to play again.








So aparently, pest control now sets your energy back up to 100% after you finish a game. no more breaks between games. you can now wear your full plate armour outfit with extra items in your inventory while playing pest control. you will always go back to 100% energy after you end a game.

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Yeah, this was posted once a while back :wink:


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Yeah, this was posted once a while back :wink:




Do you have a link to that topic?




been like that for as long as i have played pest control.




You haven't been playing very long. :shame:




I wrote that thread about a week ago when the new defenders came out which was also the same time the updates occured.

Wondering what to do with life .....

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