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guys were is the best place fore a canon!


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buys i gonan train range but were is the best spod fore mine canon i hope somewere that the monsters i kill than mostly drop something good plz rsn me ore message me here ykie.


rsn: ykie

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Dagg's have good drops, herb seeds ftw :o




So I'lld go for daggonaths! (or something like that)

I know what I know and what I know might well not be what you want to know but then seeing as only I know what I know and you do not know what I know then you will not know if what I know is what you would like to know
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Daggonoth Dungeon (below Lighthouse after you complete "Horror from the Deep" Quest




Tons of Exp and slayer exp if it's your task.




Make sure you bring your best defense against range armor tho, and a lot of food just incase. Because your gonna get barraged with their range attacks (they dont hit much though)

1600+ Total.


18.3m/25m - DFS (or maybe a BGS)

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Ykie stop spamming the boards with the same post.




Post has been moved to help and advice.


99 Magic, 99 Defence, 99 Strength, 99 Attack, 99 Hitpoints, 99 Fletching, 99 Woodcutting, 99 Firemaking, 99 Thieving, 99 Ranged, 99 Prayer, 99 Cooking, 99 Fishing

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