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  1. That makes no sense, excuse the pun. You voted no because you don't know whether you'll be able to do drop partys or not? Surely you'd vote undecided if anything or just don't vote at all if the deciding factor is unknown but I'm fairly sure it's known - it will be the same as before. Might be an assumption but it isn't too big of an assumption. I don't understand the differences in the polls on the main runescape page and on tipit I would of thought tipit, with a more concentrated number of experienced players would vote yes. I just have no idea why people would want a game to be more restricted than before, it's like having stabilizers on a bike when we don't need stabilizers, we can ride a bike perfectly well. The only logical reason that I can see with people voting in favour of restricted trading and wild is that it will increase the motives of hackers. If that's the only reason then you shouldn't be voting, it's your responsibility to keep your account safe, if you can't do that don't play. In the 9 years of playing runescape not once has any of my 5 accounts been hijacked, common sense prevents account hijacking.
  2. Hello! Thought I'd have a look on tipit, I used to be on tipit along time ago, I remember doing a bit of modding for the forums. I think my first registration was in 2001 can't believe 9 years has passed. I've returned because there's potential for Jagex to revoke their mistakes made 3 years ago with the wilderness and trade.
  3. Haven't been around for a while, mainly because of how restrictive the game has become. A game, especially a free-roaming game like RuneScape should be as flexible and dynamic as possible. Destroying the game because of a group of people who sold gold for real life cash was not the way to go about it.
  4. Yeh I liked it when you felt you were part of the community. Now the community is too big you seem so insignifcant compared to it. Oh and by the way just because you don't find someone famous doesn't mean they're not. Your opinion doesn't define who is famous.
  5. If they added a sky everyone would get paranoid it would fall down and destroy RS just like all recent updates.
  6. I like how seconds after an update is released people start discussing the affects of the update and normally they come to a conclusion that the whole of RuneScape will be destroyed by some series of stupid events which all originated from a small update. In fact I actually clicked on tipit knowing full well I'd have a childish-complaint-post to view.
  7. If the offence wasn't commited and it was a mistake why would they take any notice of what you write in the comments section. If the offence wasn't committed they won't look at the comments bit and go 'oh yeh it actually was committed'. The comments bit doesn't affect whether or not the offence was actually committed.
  8. I really doubt you get an account back by providing bank pins. You need to provide the information they tell you mainly early passwords. I think it is better that they are rejecting requests without enough evidence than if they were to just give out accounts to whoever.
  9. Looks like you've got the symptoms of chinchompa madness it happens when you've been catching too many chinchompas, you start hallucinating that they're rabbits.
  10. Shouldn't it be "how many times have you had a break from RuneScape". Normally if you quit something it's forever :)
  11. They probably get enough false reports as it is from non-pmods they don't want more by making it easier. This is just a feature for pmods because they report correctly compared to the average player.
  12. That's what they get when they market mainly towards a younger audience, I don't think they can expect any different.
  13. Spent ages at 98 but finally got that last level :) 13th 99 skill.
  14. I don't know why bank spaced is such a prized feature. I can easily have everything I need in my bank and more. Half my bank consists of useless stuff and I haven't even filled it yet. If you look at each item invidually and judge whether or not you need it you'll find that the majority of your bank is not needed. I do really need a costume room though as that would make my bank so much smaller.
  15. Ah the good old update post, I remember that it was shortly after RS2 came out when they posted that. Lots of stuff has been implemented and some stuff still hasn't been added but as that was from 2004 I really doubt you can accurately guess when those updates are coming out, or if they're coming out.
  16. I really don't understand why people get so excited about an increment of 1 number from 2 to 3. Just because they released a runescape 2 doesn't mean they're going to carry on releasing updates until Runescape 14. RuneScape 2 was meant to represent the change in graphics engines (which basically now limits java capabilities). I don't think it was meant to be taken so seriously which is why they quickly renamed RS2 back to RuneScape. As for the update I have no idea what it could be, we can only wait and see...
  17. Yeh I'd agree with you there. The quests need to be a bit more storyline-based rather than finding out whether penguins are taking over the world. To be honest I don't really like quests, 5 - 10 a year would suit me.
  18. I don't think they're 'finally' listening it's just that they're planning to release an update that you like. Other people may of liked the updates you dis-liked and thought the same as you have done.
  19. First i tried to do Contact, but didn't finish it, maby now it'd be much easier, but still hard. Secondly i need money and i won't earn money by doing pyramid plunder, i lose money. If you don't have the dedication to do a quest then i'm doubting you'll have enough perseverence to get a 99. If you need money then thieving is not the skill to do. Even at high levels you don't get much.
  20. Almost always when I do spellbook swap on lunars and then attempt to teleport it gives me a random event which I have to do within 2 minutes otherwise I have to recast the spellbook swap again. It's very annoying.
  21. I don't think that's a mutable offence, perhaps it was something else you said...
  22. Well it was originally the top 100k (I think) then 500k and now top 1 million they'll slowly move it up.
  23. Congratulations on level 4, achievements and goals forum would be more suitable I think.
  24. I don't think they ban people for providing links to legitimate sites; clan sites or fan sites. If they say 'buy free gold here - *' then that would be against the rules. Other sites such as clan sites I don't think they ban people for.
  25. What hire real people ? #-o No, they just need to hire monkeys instead of the manatees they are using right now. Seriously, it's a good thing if the business side is fixed. I think RS should have subscription cards like Maplestory has Nexon cards that you can buy in Target stores. That way more people can get members! What's up with the CS?
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