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Where can I get my pickaxe fixed?


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Depends if your pickaxe is bent (in which case Numorf in the Dwarf mine will fix it for cash) but if the head fell off, you can fix it yourself. Just find the head, grab it (before someone else does, it will soon become visible to other players if you are not quick!) and 'use' it with the handle.

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do wat teakup said, unless its bent which is rare (im 64 mining), and id also like 2 add that if ur wc axe breks dont spend 50 hours and 20k buying a head like i c some people doing, u can get it fixed in the axe shop next 2 lummy castle 4 a small fee



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Breaking tools - find the part that flew off, and use handle and head together




Bended - Axe: Bobs axes in lumby Pickaxe: Numorf the dwarf in dwarven mines




Bending can only happen at Ents (wc) and Smoking Rocks (mining)


head can fly off everytime u start mining a rock


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