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  1. The old days? You mean before people made lame threads like this pretending to have played for years, but they of course took a "long break" and missed every single rare? Yeah, I remember those times. They are long gone. :roll:
  2. Lets all repeat what the person above us said. :roll: Good luck on your goal.
  3. I don't support. This is taking one of the game's easiest skills, and making it even easier. If skills continue to be made easier, capes of achievement will not even be anything special.
  4. Not totally sure what we're rating.. 55 ranged and 25 magic is not a whole lot to go off of.
  5. Any rapper not on MTV.
  6. Shrek the Third is going to star Justin Timberlake, thus meaning I will not be seeing it. Am glad you don't have 300 on your list. Annoys the hell out of me seeing half of the world obsessing over it. As an actual film, I think it'll be terrible. But of course most people judge how good a movie is by how pretty it looks, or how much blood there is.
  7. I've found a number of good bands through Last.fm. It takes music you listen to, and finds new bands with similar sound/style to the ones you already enjoy.
  8. Worst The Number 12 Looks Like You - "My Sharona" (The Knack) Best Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Everything. I have been a big fan of Me First & The Gimme Gimmes for a while now. Some bad covers, but for the most part, I love what they've done with songs.
  9. Nothing is a waste of time if you enjoy it. A game is a game. And to the dude who posted above me - your post is creepily obsessive.
  10. Decent bank, stats are alright. Why did you sell the p hat? Now you just have a big lump of cash. I would say levels count more than experience, when it comes to how good someone is. Someone can have 2000 total with 150M total exp, and someone else can have 400 total with 200M cooking exp. I find one far more impressive than the other.
  11. I do not agree. I have always thought of the game as not being about wealth and such. Because of that, I tend to think that someone with a single non-buyable 99 is "better" (for lack of better words) then someone who has maxed every buyable skill. (I myself would prefer a game without any money. I am sure at least one person will quote me and attempt to tell me how stupid I am, as if I care :) )
  12. Any skill pure is going to have a high number, as their combat is low... Not too hard to figure out.
  13. Yay, let's keep this thread alive forever...[/sarcasm] Is a nice achievement, and nice bank.
  14. Every time the game updates/goes offline, world 2 Falador is empty. I say half wine too. As for anything after, I honestly just do not care. :D
  15. You'll get eventually. It is all random. Nobody is cursed, and nobody is "lucky". It all evens out in the longrun.
  16. With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac. :thumbsup: (I actually use iTunes at home, a 30GB black iPod video for school/car, and an 8GB black iPod nano for working out/jogging)
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