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  1. just a couple I own I have more original names I just don't feel like going on em for now Current main/secondary main?: and then theres this one prob my fave account name I own (not my only 3 letter one either)
  2. I'm on there, just got unbanned too... time for 99 mage :shock:
  3. Icons are meant to move about as a way to screw up color clicking bots.
  4. rune (g) with trimmed fishing cape looks nice excellent accomplishment =D>
  5. lol what's with the feather in every picture? luck charm? :mrgreen: Nice drops too =D>
  6. You're crazy, Flea Circus owns...I remember playing that back when I was a noob in the days of classic.
  7. what is that hood called if you don't mind me asking nice stats and bank by the way
  8. I've know about this for a while, only downside is you can' add people who arent on the highscores or have private set to friends/off :/ nice though
  9. You get slightly faster every level. You can also wear the Camo for that area and shave some time off, smoke and bait the traps leading to about 3 days of non-stop Hunting...6-7 days not baiting or smoking...You gotta be fast with the setting back up. Standing a distance away also helps, too. what was'nt factored in that equation was the fact that at 80 hunter the amount of chinchompas caught per hour significantly increases due to using 5 traps as opposed to 4.
  10. do knights sword quest i guarentee youll get 30+ smithing or close to it :) decent start you have there also keep it up :thumbsup:
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