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  1. Lulz what a........... noob! :ohnoes: taking away trading is a bad idea, it limits convince ( buying a dds at bh) and player to player interaction. and its his fault he had to sell for all of the junk, he should of either never bought it or keep it , wait for any rebound, or just leave it in ge and overa long period of time it will sell. but the other guy who bought 65 d chain, why shouldn't he be able to do it? if he had the money good for him, are you just jealous that you don't or you haven't? " he shouldnt be allowed to do this because i didnt think of it first." PereGrin that is the dumbest statement i've ever heard, worst than Magzar's first page. i can't believe people like you are allowed to use these forums ,seeing you don't add anything logical for discussion value. all i want for Christmas is this topic to be locked :D magzar afraid of replying on my post on page 16, stating why this topic is just for attention and nothing more?
  2. i quote one part that is flawed first page, topic "while i know a lot of players are thinking "why would i want to lose (insert amount) gold by doing this when i can use junk" think about it, the junk you gather has the same value as the extra gold being added to the rare item's cost you're not increasing your profit, you're just selling your rare for its market price and the a ton of junk for its respective price nothing is gained by this, and it is in turn one of the biggest problems with the g.e." first page (i'm never learning how to quote properly :thumbsup: ) Well just for a history lesson, when black bolts come into runescape, during the early days of acidy's cc, the super poisoned bolts were bought out, along with black bolt. now with black P++ at 2k+ each, it was possible to buy black bolts and super poison in a pot and mix them together to make a staggering profit, and these P++ were sold as junk with rares easily reaching high numbers for a short period of time before they got out into the ge and crashed. So why would i not take advantage of paying a little amount of money for the bolts , mix them, sell it with 3rd age and make a lot more money? and after have the P++ crash so i could still retain the full value of my rares, and have utilized that junk for the period of time it was good :D . and junk also drives lending, if you choose to lend out for money. say i fletch maple longs (u) they will never sell,or take weeks, so i might as well get my money back by lending it out with a rare item , and charging the recipient by putting up my maple bow's. how can you even say it isn't a gain? sure the lovey ge says its a balanced even trade, but go to a general store and try to buy a addy pl8 , will it sell for bows or money... imo: this is a very stupid topic the worst i've seen so far :twisted: . just by asking tip it players,--and not even all of them,since not all of them do junk trades or deal with them, its very pointless, so what if you honestly get a few tip it players to refuse junk? like its going to dent a fully running part of the rs economy, its merly common scence. unless you posted this on every major rs forum, and went around w2 talking about it, this thread doesn't have a legitimate motive. are you looking for a hot topic ? or attention, because as it said in the title very clearly, "help put an end to junk trading", and you won't even dent it. :roll:
  3. d hally all day son. no gs' pl0x sgs is the best though ,useful
  4. :lol: future dragon items(?) -pickaxe -crossbow -warhammer -maybe javalins -dragon knife :twisted: -kite -a type of jewley maybe?
  5. Its not usless, it just turns that chance you are going to get guessed down even more. even if theres not a major threat in the first place , there is always a chance someone can guess a password, as a small as it might be. better safe than sorry :|
  6. 10/10 the green thing is green ele? and below maybe vbrssy
  7. mith armour and level 1 cw? 8/10 you should have everything in your house at the best it can be
  8. People with money will do what they want with it, and to a large group, buying 3rd age is it. its so pricey because its hard to get, looks nice, and is a symbol of how rich you are. you have to be really lucky or really rich to get it. and the junk aspect of it is stupid imo but to the majority it works, and that will keep fueling what 3rd age trades go on( unless its 3a for 3a or new items) and to Warriormonkx , too lazy to quote but that isn't true, a person can smith to 99 using mith and use that as junk, not just a waste of time or money since you get levels out of it, what he said is true to a degree but not entirely. :P
  9. 10000000000/1000000000000000000 for just being able to sell a p hat trade price :shock:
  10. 10/10 i like it, i don't have the attention span to get to 70 range in one year, and you got 98 :ohnoes:
  11. i got owned, i though this was a fake title -.- 10/10 never knew you farmed
  12. BANNA yELLO! :arrow: =P~ :D : :thumbsup:
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