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  1. the game is awesome dude
  2. Couldn't be truer. Most rappers these days have nothing valid to say, they want money and couldn't care less about how they earned it. I've said for the past couple of years now, hip hop is dying into the stereotype people give it. The most part of them are posers, make no sense, talk about crap, have the same damn beat over and over again and have unnecessary swearing. Look back to when hip hop made it big in the 80s. This kind of rap isn't about being "gangstas" and "thugs", or how many women they own or whatever. In a way, old school hip hop sounds like poetry put to music. The same can't be said for today's music. It's sad. Even when NWA was big in the early 90s, all the new gangsta rap was valid, because those guys were real, not acting or pretending to sound "cool" or whatnot. That's what I feel most of todays artists are doing, putting on this front that they're some big bad man, they insist on posing with guns and scantily clad women. This big chauvinistic posing just leads me to believe they are trying to cover something up - maybe their lack of talent, or maybe their lack in another department. Ha, probably the latter. The saddest part is yet to come, people actually copy these people, incorporating these pathetic rappers into their own lives, calling themselves pimps, crips, bloods, Gz, Straight up Gangsta yo..you catch my drift. Their impact on culture saddens me. It has even infected my brother, going around dressing in oversized clothes, wearing du-rags and bandannas, talking about "[garden tools]". Ugh. He even told me he wanted to buy some grills. Seriously. For a genre I like a good few artists from, I'm afraid most modern tunes just don't sit well with me. By modern I mean probably from late 90s to now. Obviously there are still some talented artists out there, but the ones that get the most recognition are the ones that produce utter bullplop. The songs I hear over and over again in clubs and radio, I listen to what these people are saying, what message they are conveying. Hah, a worthless thing to do with most current artists. i totaly6l agree...cept for the oversized clothes part...that's not really posing or pretending..that's jsut style..
  3. wht's yoru favorite type of music?? i love rap. 2pac, nas, jay z, the game, snoop dogg, dpg, dogg pund, xhibit, chamillionaire, ect.
  4. how we do-the game i like how the bass jsut comes in like that
  5. my heart beats for the west coast
  6. mine's akon and GGGGG-unit! no..its GGG-unot!!
  7. wht do u guys think about nas and his Hip Hop is Dead thing?
  8. obviously u dont like rap...cuz that song was sik
  9. i like a lot but im really in to "hail mary-Tupac shakur" right now
  10. who's yr fav rapper?? mines is 2pac, but out of the people who are alive, the game or T.I
  11. i like rap..like snoop dogg and the game. im also one of those ppl who HATE g-unit
  12. farm ranarr weeds and sell the weed. DONT MAKE THEM INTO PPOTS
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