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  1. its best if you teleport back to bank as quickly as possible and deposit your diamond. beats carrying it everywhere. :)
  2. killing the queen may be kinda hard at your levels, i myself had a hard time with stats somewhere in the 70s... but then again i brought crappy weapons that i didnt mind losing. fly-fishing at shilo village?
  3. dont think there'll be a difference. at least not during my runecrafting runs.
  4. wow.. 250 empty slots? man, im struggling with 10. =X
  5. go to an allotment patch.. rake them. make supercompost. plant whatever you can. lvl25 shouldnt take so long. and yup, you can cash in some penguin points when you get a bit higher.
  6. erm.. why would skillers not have resource gathering skills? its prob the easiest skills for them to level.
  7. do the diaries. they're fun.
  8. erm.. i think glided altars will b much faster. dragon bones.
  9. i remember once a bank pic posted which was organized like this... it was really quite interesting. =)
  10. hrm.. icic. so its probably safe to get rid of those non-elemental runes? haha.. have about 500 death talismans. =X
  11. yup.probably some eq clipping into another. you see lots of these fixes in the patch notes. send a bug report to jagex?
  12. ? what smooth side of the pillar? you mean the fractured crystal? there's one with the blackened side spilt horizontal and the other one vertical.
  13. yup. pyramid plunder is the best way. you'll need to finish contact! which isnt a very long quest... and you get 7k thieving and 2 7k exp lamps. not too bad there, seeing that you're prob lvling thieving for your quest cape. other than that, you can do master farmers, which gets you some good seeds (rarely).. but its pretty much boring and slow. use your penguin points on them and you'll be at 63 in no time.
  14. Hrm, just managed to get it. so can i get rid of my other talismans and tiaras? they're taking quite alot of space at the moment. =X How does the omni work with combination runes?
  15. hrm. the one by the falador patch doesnt note cabbages. =X
  16. hrm. buying dhides will be faster.. but then you'll lose quite alot. considering your stats, i think gaining back the money shouldnt take too long.
  17. i guess it'll happen when you go to a high lvl slayer master with a low slayer level.. but seeing that you've 78 slayer, its prob just bad luck
  18. ops.sry.fixed it.
  19. hrm.. not much difference to me. i do farming with allotments, and just turn the produce into supercompost.. might just be able to be bring back the extras that i get each time.
  20. seer's headband? http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?rs2item_id=8436
  21. or make defence your lowest skill and go to juna.
  22. if its a long term goal.. just spend your penguin points on it, unless you're currently spending it on something else that you value more.
  23. hrm.. im not too sure about the 'monsters which are unlocked' part. i remember some people asking for quest help cos they need it to kill something for slayer..
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