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Another Glitch With Evil Twin


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Well, I was training, and I got evil molly. Easy enough. I pick the twin, talk to her, she brings me back to my spot, and I was attacked IMMEDIATELY. Im guessing that had to do with this.








Tried loading new areas of map, didnt work. I ended up logging, and it was fixed. Still a big inconvenience, depending where it happens. (Luckily I was near a safe place to log).




Ill also add that I recieved no reward. (No, it wasnt on the ground, or in my inventory.)

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where are you :oops:

<the49ronin> O_o methinks ard is acting mighty high and pretty -.-

<Ard_Choille> I am pretty

<Ard_Choille> fo shizzle

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where are you :oops:
If my questing serves me well he's under White Wolf Mountain.




That's a nifty little bug. By nifty I mean for any strong aggresive NPC in a maze like environment...




Edited for my cruddy spelling.

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