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Laptops vs. TV signals


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I'm a multitasker who browses 5+ tabs on Firefox, watches TV, and writes fanfics at the same time and as I was doing my thing today, I noticed that every time I posted the laptop's backside in a certain direction, the image on the TV would blur and whatever's on the TV would get staticky. Anybody else ever try it?

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Radiation, TV signals, magnetism, all those TX/RX signals are mixing together and screwed your TV picture. That's normal for every electronics you use today.




I open up my computer, turn on the radio, my brother turns on the TV next to me and complains for the bad quality of image.


If he opened the TV alone, he will never have the problem until I turn on the other stuff.

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I have a TV next to my desktop, and it contorts the picture a bit. I just move the TV away farther and it works fine.

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