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I think I've been left out on a little something.


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I've heard that there was this one big bug. In the Times they call it a Falador Massacre. Could someone shed some light on this thing 'cause I'm a bit confused. :?

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It started at the lvl 99 constructer's - Cursed You - house party. He stepped out of the combat ring, and then walked to the teleportation room and teleported to ( i think ) falador. There he noticed he still had the option to attack people, like in the combat ring. So he started pk'ing there, and that's about the whole story.

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Guest TaDaraCampbell

he's banned, and u would notice if they did a roll-back because when they do that its like superman spinning the world backwards to turn back time, all of the things u accomplished after the massacre would have been no more, time would have been reversed to that point, tho i wouldnt have mined cuz i dont think i really did anything, but other people would beg to differ

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