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Fastest combat exp?


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I have a combat level of 75, with 65 attack, 60 defence and 60 strength. Where should I train? Until now, I've been using experiments and rock crabs because of the high exp per kill, but there are so few experiments in the cavern and the spot is starting to get crowded. What place would offer the fastest exp per hour, and could I train there at my level? If anyone could help, that would be fantastic. Thanks.

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Guest TaDaraCampbell

since ur P2p, i saw a guy fighting white nights in fally, he did the quest that allowed u to be placed there instead of lumby when u died, so he had on 3 items, that way he could just keep fighting all day, and when he died he would be placed back there :D


i believe the quest u need to do is recruitment drive

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^^yeah i did that until i discovered PC.




man i'm addicted to that :(






serioulosy though, PC is the best way to train at lvl 75 and around there, you go up so quickly (just remember to exchange tickets in bundles of 100's only)



40 Barrows trips, 4 Barrows equipment (Guthans Helm, Veracs Helm, Ahrims Skirt, Dharoks Helm)

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Pest Control I think, im not p2p so i dont know for sure

Pirate Rosetta stone. Learn a language while you scape.

Sounds interesting, but these days how many people really speak Pirate?

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ya pest control




get there by port sarim and head south to the landing craft when you get there




basically, hack away at portals, kill spinners and unless you are defending the void knight, pretty much ignore the other monsters.




It good xp because....




1. You get regular xp and with plenty of things to kill, your always fighting


2. If you and your team win you getpoints whihc you can trade for xp or other things. You also get money.




No food required, if you die you respawn.






So lets weigh options :)


1. spend money on food




2. get money and more xp - pest control :)






GL \'

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