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blamish snail slime?


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Guest TaDaraCampbell

well, if it helps, jagex wouldnt make the game where if u lost something u cant get it back if u truely need it for something such as a quest, so, there is some possible way to get it back :mrgreen:

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I belive the tip.it guide says how to. I think you need to go to canfis gen store and buy a sample bottle.

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It's in archive of wisdom (Sticky in general P2P), and it's under the guide 'How to duplicate 1-item object', check under oily rod, and it will say how you replace the Blamish Snail Slime.




I think it goes like this: Get a sample bottle from Canafis General Store, and get a pestle & mortar. Go into the swamps and kill any snail. Once you kill it, get the body and use the pestle & mortar on it, that should give you the slime,.

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