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A couple questions on dragon weapons


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Okay I am almost at 60 attack (About time!). So now I am deciding which dragon weapon to buy. I have access to the dragon long sword, dragon dagger, and I'm almost done with the Hero's Quest (Just the Master Theives Arm Band left) so I'll have access to the dragon battle axe and dragon mace. (Just as a note, I can't afford Dragon 2 hander)




My first question is: What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the dragon weapons I listed? Please remember the special attacks!




My second question: What is the difference between Dragon Dagger (s) and Dragon Dagger (+)? And what are the prices of each?

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Dragon longsword:


Advantages: Strong special & fairly accurate.




Disadvantages: Weak against plate bodies &compared to battle axe.




Dragon Battle-axe:




Advantages: Great Special & powerful with no special.




Disadvantages: Special lowers defence and attack & it's not very accurate.




Dragon Mace




Advantages: Strong weapon & powerful special




Disadvantages:Jagex are always reducing accuracy and power of Mace




Dragon Dagger (any poison):




Advantages: Fast, accurate & powerful special




Disadvantages: Not as strong or powerful as other dragon weapons






(p) hits 4 with poison (cheapest)


(+) hits 5 with poison (second cheapest)


(s) hits 6 with poison (most expensive)

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I agree with Ugofan for the most part - The dragon b-axe is horribly slow to train with (rate of xp/h), long is far superior. If you regularly use the d-long specs, I'd rate it higher than the scimitar xp/hour because the scimmy has a junky spec.



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