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  1. I agree with Ugofan for the most part - The dragon b-axe is horribly slow to train with (rate of xp/h), long is far superior. If you regularly use the d-long specs, I'd rate it higher than the scimitar xp/hour because the scimmy has a junky spec.
  2. It would be impossible to kill all 6 brothers on 99 prayer points if you were counting on using the protection prayers. Every 10s or so, your prayer drops by 8 points, so that I range between 18-27 p-points per brother. This doesn't take into account the catacombs either, which sometimes generates the chest-door at the very end of the maze.
  3. As long as you have protect from melee you are probably ok, but I would recommend a near-full inv. of pray pots - I was 115 & used up 11 (4) lol. You can teleport, and I would recommend an ectophial (or elf crystal) if you have one so that it is a 1-slot, 1-click tele that works while in combat. Good luck!
  4. You don't get xp for damage dealt with poison. When I train I am trying to get xp :P
  5. This is my planned setup, and it is more for functionality than for show (lol - most of the rooms are only semi-furnished ;) It is geared for barrows, prayer & barrows-armour repair, as well as having a portal for all available locations :) The canifis portal is in the room directly across from the entrance portal ;) The workshop is also between the entrance portal and the kitchen so that you can pick up your tools on your way to make oak larders :P At some point I may include a throne-room directly north of the study, but I'm not sure if I'll bother yet.
  6. OOOO! Mine pales in comparison, but last week I was slaying Bloodvelds, and twice within the same task & 30 minute time period I was sent to un-cook those fishlike things for him ;)
  7. There are millions of 'em. I am a master, but not a grandmaster yet.... Two that I can think of at this time 1. the Uber comeback-comeback & crush My comment: Dude, that was weak ! opponent: You're fat! My comment : yep, but you're ugly & I can diet. (think I have borrowed that one, but the one below is my own creation ;)) 2. Having a huge argument with my mom & she mistakenly blurts out: Mom: You son of a Beach! Me: I'm the son ( & walk away nonchalantly) 0wnage!
  8. I lean towards pro-choice, but it is definitely a difficult subject..... I would be opposed to setting age-limits, since rape can occur at any age. As for your statement about the 15 year old girl..... I was 18 & my girlfriend 15 when we had our first son. With some help & a lot of hard work, we have done quite well for ourselves. My wife (8 years now) has a BA in psychology and I am an electrical engineering techonologist. We now have two boys (12 & 6) and a girl (1). I am glad beyond words that we didn't opt out the easy way & abort our first son, but I maintain that it should be up to the mother, since it is the burden she has to bear for the rest of her life.
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