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Weird Lag


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I am trying to play a certain mmorpg, but if it lags too much it will kick you out.




I have dsl and don't think I have any viruses. It's not just the rpg, it is the whole computer. I just had to reboot because it would not come up to any webpages, and sometimes it takes a minute to get to a certain page on tip.it. I have NO clue what is going on here. What do I need to do?

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Whats the server like if its overseas you might have a high ping?




Are you lagging on all websites, when did this happen.




Is it also lag on your computer.




Push Ctrl+Alt+delete and see whats using up the processor if its local issue.

Aussie Aussie Aussie,



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I have dsl from America.




Yes, its lagging on all websites.




No, my offline doesn't lag.




I have done that, there is only one program (which I turned off and didn't work) that is on othere than the websites I am browsing.




I'm thinking it has to do with the traffic on the website.

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