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  1. My vote is none. If you leave apples without taking them, then you don't have any on neither.
  2. I tried this at a Cici's pizza once at the buffet. With about the same size of a pizza hut medium, I ate around 18 pieces. No, I am not a glutton, I was just very compeditive against my friend. I'm surprized those pieces stayed in... :mrgreen:
  3. You would be shocked to know that most Fundamentalists are not Catholic. In fact, they are trying to repair the damage done to Christianity by the Catholic Church. Lol, where i'm from, most everyone is southern baptist, which since the 1970's conflict, has been mainly fundamentalist. I don't see how some fundamentalist seem to rant against moderates and liberals more than people who don't seem to have any morality. *Note* I did not say all fundamentalist, but alot of the leaders of the SBC.
  4. I aggree. We like to think that God lives in man's time. The truth is, god lives in whatever time he wants, even no time. When it comes down to the creation in miricals, I feel that any way a mirrical happened doesn't make God any less powerfull. If he chooses to work within the earthly laws of physics, he can do that. If he chooses to do a supernatural and drastic action, he can do that. It all comes down to God Does Something = Something Happens.
  5. I would love to help, but I don't know any scripting languages.... period>. I might be able to come up with ideas i think.
  6. Congratz, you are now zammy. However, Elune from WoW just found out how to cross games and she doesn't like you, so she kills you. I wish I had enough money for WoW and another game...
  7. Notes: To flamers: If this becomes an out of control topic, I will not hesitate to ask someone to lock or delete this thread. To administrators: I do not know of similar threads that have been created, but I wish this to be a discussion around this question and not on if God is real or not. To extreme Fundamentalist: My belief of how the world was started among other things does not determine weather or not I go too hell. I wish this to be a discussion and not a flame-a-thon. I again will not hesitate to contact moderators or administrators. To English teachers: I am sorry about my spelling. If you are getting annoyed, please copy and paste into a word document and take the few hours to spell-check this thread. Now that I'm finished with my disclaimers, I can finally introduce myself. I am a Christian with a moderate view on not just the creation, but on many things in the Old Testament. Due to some real-world issues in my life, I have begun to think more and more about issues in which our views are split. Chances are I will add more questions to this list, since my thinking continues. Question 1 (In general): Why do fundamentalist focus so much on trying to rant against moderate and liberal views of the Bible? Your faith is not dependant on if you believe the earth was created in 5 Billion years or 6,000 years there are only two or three chapters in the Bible on the creation, and there are 4 books on the life of Jesus alone. Question 2 (Miracles): Why is it such a sin to believe that certain facts of miracles have to be true. For example, it does not matter if it rained for 40 days or if the mountains of the black sea gave way to cause the flood that is not the miracle. The miracle is that God told Noah to build an arc because there would be a flood, and it flooded. Questions to the *literallist* in the creation (just for the fun of it). It doesn't take carbon dating to prove that fossils are WAY older than decayed bones. Why can't we find fossils of human bones.. or bones of dinosaurs? It cant be the size of them, we find trilabite fossils that are about the size of a thumb nail. tbc... Edited and spell-checked. Please, if you're aware of the problems perhaps do it yourself in the future? Ty, sorry bout that. ~assassin
  8. I have a lvl 24 hunter. The only thing... (I put it on a pve server :() Tanaris (Not teneris)
  9. We should at least make a list of who all plays WoW. Ps. Im lebull on Tanaris, lvl 23 hunter.
  10. Well, if the problem is that we all don't want to start over on new servers, the choice is start over on a server that no one is on, or not form the tif guild.
  11. I think they should have two capes for quest, a mid lvl and high lvl. You would get the mid lvl cape with the quest that are currently out, so it woujld be just as rare. The high level would come along with the much more difficult quests, making it even more rare.
  12. Wrong.., I have too :P. My pancreus attracts every other pancreus in the univers with a force proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the distance between them. BTW, tpam, :uhh: Wana know why my smillie's blue? Cause of your post. :-s
  13. Banned for supporting the Xbox 360. IT ISN'T EVEN ROUND!
  14. 1. How do you put an elephant in a fridge? Open the door and put him in. 2. how do you put a giraffe in a fridge Take the elephant out and put the giraffe in. 3. the lion king is holding a meeting and all of the animals attend except one. which is it? The giraffe. He is in the firdge. 4. you come to a river inhabited by crocodiles and you HAVE to get across. what do you do? Swim accross. All of the gators are at the meeting.
  15. Well, first, I would fire a concussive shot so I can get away. Then, I would fire an arcane shot to get his hp good. Then I would get my pet crab to attack him and tank for me (I don't have mail yet). After that, I would wait it out. If he runs away, I have a scorpian sting in my quiver just waiting for him...... Hu..... Oh, wrong world.... of warcraft.... I think. Anyone, is this azeroth?
  16. Cause you play too much runescape. Why is world of warcraft so adicting?
  17. Great, Im glad you like your steak moble. I like world of warcraft better than runescape.
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6lL9gaXlEs This is my own vid. Please post comments, rate, and C&C.
  19. Ya, if it isn't on the community site, they're sold out. ot: PM me your screenname on WoW. (Tanaras Server if you happen to have an acct. there)
  20. I wana make a WoW video, but I don't have the screen video thingy. What is a good, safe program I can use? P.S. Are WoW vids even legal?
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