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My Newest Sig... c/c please...


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I made this sig and in the process, I tried some things that I've never done before... This was kind of like an experiment for me.








Editted text:






What do you all think??

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personally, i like it! to me, the background is perfectly suited to the render, and the render is blended in well. the only part that i dont really like is the text... kinda plain and boring :) if your going for ratings, id give a 9/10




nice work =D>


Featuring in my sig: TURT, ma pet turdle!


Thanks to- Runemetsa and Aijiru for two of the great sigs!

Avatar made by me

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yer, you did a great job of blending the render into the bg, but you failed in the text department, its boring, no offence. get some techno ones from dafont.


"A disbelief in magic can force some poor souls into believing in authority and business"

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