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I need help with this..


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Ok well first, here are my stats:






Ok well I have around 10 days of membership left before im cast back to the F2P world. And I want to get all my skills over 50 before I go. And then possibly agility and thieving to 60 and my combat level to 90. BASICALLY here's why I am posting. I need to know the quickest way to gain these levels.








What ive been doing since I got to level 10 herblore, is killing choas druids and getting their herbs. Is this the cheapest way to level up quickly? I dont want to spend much/if any money on leveling, as I dont have it.







I know what to do, but I need advice on what to plant, and how to get the seeds for planting them.








Easy enough. Im just going to edgeville and completing assignments. Although is there a particular slayer master that levels faster then edgeville








Ok well im only going to train my attack to 70, and then the rest of the levels will be defense. I was wondering what is the fastest monster to train on at my level that would give the fastest experience to 90 combat.








Im not sure whether to do the Brimhaven agility course for faster xp, or try one like ape atoll.








Not sure whether to train against guards like I did from 44 till 54, Bandits, or stalls.




Any help would be great ASAP!!








If they are completed, I was going to try to get 60 runecrafting and 75 magic, any tips there would also be nicely thanked for :) :)

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Why is it that no one ever wants to reply to my threads..




Because the Help & Advice regulars weren't on when you posted this.




For Herblore: Buy Ranarrs, make Prayer pots, sell them, repeat.




Slayer: Edgeville master or the fairy master.




Combat: Monkey Guards on Atoll, next to Prayer Alter.




Agility: Stick to Brimhaven.




Thieving: Guards is by far the best xp.




I don't know much about Farming so I can't help there.

Offline and unavailable.

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