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  1. Just being honest, once you've been there being there sucks!
  2. its a great achivement, but your title makes me believe you think this game is more then just a game. 2/10 for having too much dedication.
  3. Meh im just going to say it. Theres alot of debate as to whether these skillcapes are noob or not, and whether other skill capes should be put on the list or not. Im taking the view from an experienced player who has played long enough to have a valid opinion in terms of debating whether something is a leet achievement or not. (considering this is a debate about whether something should be praised by others or not cared about) Skill capes mean JACK all to any player who has bothered to grind out a long skill. In my eyes achievements can be seen in players overall level, with their ability to spread their skills rather then just focus on one. Achievements have changed over time. Before having a 99 skill was seen as quite a feat. Now.. it is not at all. It is totally a rookie thing. Infact seeing a player with a higher total level over some noob with 3 skill capes and a lower total level shows that the player is more experienced in the game. No.. getting 99 firemaking doesnt make you a note worthy player. Infact I myself am not a noteworthy player. The players that have a high total level (im talking 2300 +, 2000 isnt even high anymore) are the real pros. The players that are maxed out with the desire to play on are champions. Your punsy firemaking cape does nothing to impress anyone who counts, so it should be. Infact I prefer seeing an obby cape over some noobie skill cape because at least the person doesnt waste their time getting a 99 that doesnt mean anything to anyone. However, if your a player that plays for yourself then this shouldnt be an issue. Im guessing because you posted this thread you genuinely care about what other people think of you. So if you want to be leet in this game, then you better start earning some major GP and experience in a variety of skills. That of course takes time, but in the mean time you should stop caring about the noob comments, because although they are TOTALLY VALID, you know that one day you will be able to call players like yourself noobs. was that too harsh? honesty sucks.
  4. Nice job but man membs is so much better. 10/10
  5. The OC isnt that bad of a TV show in all honesty. Infact I wish it would come back, I sorta miss the nerdy geek of Seth Cohen, gave me all my pick up lines at school :P But yeah.. its not that bad of show!
  6. Albel = Thanks, ive been playing long enough to at least gather some fun levels! Double nats sure are fun ;) tuggernongy = I dont know yet. Im just having a break because im in year 12 at school. Ive been playing castlewars, farming and a few slayer tasks. Today I used my herbs to get this level which has always been a dream. 99 herblore was impossible in my younger days, this is a step closer!
  7. You log in, walk around for 30 minutes and log out ;)
  8. :o How can you say that? Farming is ftw... And 99 was worth every bit of work for me.. Best skill ever \ Grats as well :thumbsup: Oh perhaps I could have said that better, doesnt mean I dont heart farming, its just that 99 is just another level ;)
  9. AceSpitball = Haha thanks. It was pretty fun to see those herbs in trade values sometimes ;) Nopnoob = Thankyou :) kranked1 = A level is a level but it feels good to have done this slow and steady and not break the bank :D D Jay99 = I tended not to think about the experience per day but the herbs per day :P I was hitting almost 300 on some days, and thats nice! Cup_Lion = Thanks, you too! Lenticular_J = I love you for whatever Rolling Stones/Moss means! toast647 = Thanks for the thumbs up toast!
  10. Hey I never post here because im lazy but I always read so I feel somewhat involved in the community. I know its not much nowadays because everyone can buy this level but its taken me a while. I started really regularly farming back in July 07' and have been farming herbs since then. In December I started farming maples and papayas, and had a month or two of watermelons. During this time to make the money for the seeds I trained runecrafting. The day I got 91 runecrafting was the day I bought everything I needed for 99 and more. Ill never stop farming, herbs are too good to not farm. Ive never bought a herb to level up, apart from a 100 or so rannars for some prayer pots when I needed them. Heres some produce I farmed, not alot considering I didnt collect maple roots but im guessing ive planted around 1000 maple seeds. I sold all my cactus spines recently (around 900) when they jumped in price. The curry leaves were also farmed, but that was from a while ago when I used to train with curries instead of papayas. Of course the amount of toadflax herbs is nowhere near the amount I have farmed because ive used them on herblore but you could work out how many ive farmed by taking my herblore experience, minusing the experience needed to level 81, dividing that by 180 and adding on around 5k toadflax herbs that I sold to buy pure essence. I hope I dont sound too braggy but I just love farming and the organisation and stretched time it takes. Worth getting 99? Nah not really, its not any different from getting level 83 but I guess it adds to my total level a bit. Thanks for reading :)
  11. Be interesting to read. Be awesome if they brought out more that completed quest series before we get to do them in game. I hate getting an awesome quest and then left to finish the storyline whenever they bring out the next quest. Which in all cases, hasnt happened yet :P
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