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going to f2p for a week


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i'm currently a member, been since jan 06, my membership is going to expire in a couple days and i can't pay for a new one for a week or so, my question is, when i get p2p back will i still have all of my member iteams? :pray:




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My advice is to have emergency game, so you don't get bored if your members ship runs out. F2P RS is boring, so I have 2nd game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, then I want to try something other than RS or my net goes out, I have GTA:VC. Of course there are other interesting things you can do outside computer.




F2P is very boring, so I suggest you to play other game for a week. GTA:VC isn't neccessery but please choose a good one.




And in answer to your question, no they don't vanish. However if you unwear them you can't re-wear them until you become member again.




Stay out of Lumbridge, both on Members' and Free-Players' world it's full of beggars and noobs.

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