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Construction Question


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no, this is a majore part of construction, What ever you spend you will never get back.




When ever you remove an item you will never get it.




Even if you placed a king black dragon head and removed it. :?

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That has got to hurt.




A King Black Dragon head is rare, and if you removed it for a stuffed crawling hand...





Actually, KBD's drop heads much more frequently than crawling hands.

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you get back the glory




yeah the poster stated this in the first posT


btw i tihnk its stupid that u dont get ur money back and that tropy kills or w.e there called arent tradable cause people would prolly pay 1-3m for stuff shark.

I dont have a sig anymore =[

But I did manage to get every skill in the highscores

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You do however get your mith armour back if you've placed it on a stand; this makes it a good way to train because oak logs are the best XP/GP wise and now you van also get a bit of smithing.

Dude never argue with an idiot. They drag you dwn to their level and then beat you with experience.

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