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  1. Laughing scull (aka lerroys server) -70 pally apham -60 lock rennokoo -61 rouge dylzard -ericxnub 19 rouge twink - some gay 30 hunter bloodslaya UNfortunaly my account is locked and blizz is slow as crap and its been over a week in the recovery process......... so I came back to tif to see of some of my old buddies were still around.
  2. I'm not a freshman but today in drivers ed some freshman girl in my drivers ed class had her period in her pants then was stupid enough to stnad up and goto the bathroom..... I seriously almost feel outa my seat.
  3. Dude you are insane lol. I would just cook lobbies untill you dont burn sharks then cook sharks, Just make sure you buy then at the lowest possible price raw so you can sell and buy more raw w/o losing money
  4. +1 How can a dmed suck its better then any piece of kairls and t hammers and arhims staff and well you get the point. SO WHAT? So... In that case I hope you break your dry streak with a spear
  5. +1 How can a dmed suck its better then any piece of kairls and t hammers and arhims staff and well you get the point.
  6. Guys sorry to break it too you but affliction is highly overrated. Pc isnt really good untill 100+.
  7. Donate it to the rise got scammed foundation. Idk just spend it all on con or something thats enough for 70
  8. The guide is alright. I think you should change it to how not to get lured or scammed and mabey add stuff about not to get killed by a lurer at dks.
  9. There not even close to worth it imo. At 700ea thats way to much you might as well use a cannon.
  10. I think affliction is safe, but jsut dont make your pass the same as your rs pass. Affliction might not steal passes but a hacker could and im sure affliction and tip.it are much esayer to hack then rs.
  11. How does the abyss make rcing too fast to level up it would take like 8months to get 99 w/o runners. Also I think tip.it did have a pc clan once I was in it and we were 70+ it didnt really go all that well, at least at first it didnt i became inactive after about a month and we only had pc events like once a week. The reason it never worked was because not enought people evershowed. To have a good pc caln you need 100+ level 90+ people that accaully attack portals not mosnters.
  12. Just goto w99 edge theres usually tiffers that want to get there torsos back.
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