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  1. Hey Lee, sorry I never got to talk to you in game but I've finally quit. But I'm glad to see you're still going for 99 fishing. I would gladly like to sign back on to come to your 99 fishing party. PM me anytime and I will answer back since I don't get on RS anymore. Happy fishing. -Ian
  2. Are you saying that you started today? If so, you're a bad liar.
  3. I guess its the old one if yesterday is old. :-s :XD:
  4. Meh, you're such a noob XD. Yeah we were class splitting and the hybrids got axe then teled because Rex was spawning on them. After they left we got those 2 beauts. (2.5m split)
  5. Hey dude thanks a ton for letting me use your altar you rock!
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