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  1. I have fletching cook and firemaking. I view people that have a 99 but all theyre other stats are horrible as idiots because they did it just for the skill cape not the love of the skill. I did do fletching though just for a golden cape 3 fletching.
  2. what I used to wear before I quit was: D boots Dharoks plate dharoks legs whip/d long rune defender black mask/zerker helm warrior ring/ROW glory combat bracelets.
  3. Sad to say....38....had to get 99 firemaking in 7 days with just willows....It was hell.
  4. Haha, I met you while you were slaying. We were at turoths, im thesounds101. Nice stats for 1 years 4 months. I quit my account and dropped all my stuff about 2 weeks ago, was playing about 1 year 6 months at that point. Hyt btw, 9/10, 10/10 if you had 1800 total lvl like me ;)
  5. Hey, I know sp0oky king. We met a looong time ago and we used to be friends but one day he deleted me, seen him around a few times though. Ask him about thesounds101 and world 89 :). As for ontopic: n0valyfe, lizardglenn, thornzfire. n0valyfe is my favorite rs players ever, read his whole blog and I keep up to date with him and whatnot. Lizardglenn was my former oldest friend, but he deleted me becuase our friendship wasn't going anywhere. lvl 124+91slayer+all quests+1932 total lvl+200m cash in the same amount of time as me, we started same week back in april 06. Thornzfire is an amazing skiller who's really nice that I see from time to time on my homeworld w89.
  6. I wanted to be loved...alas I have quit runescape as of over a week ago.
  7. 99, its closest number to enter button if your on a laptop like me.
  8. 99 Cooking - My favorite skill was an obvious choice. 99 Fletching - I like training this because I like sitting in a bank watching the community :P 92 Woodcutting - Im a lumberjack and im ok, I work all night and I sleep all day! 88 Attack - Attack is whip friendly :) 86 HP - No response.
  9. I wouldn't lol, im greedy.
  10. I started in miniclip and was bored. Was 13 now almost 15...does that make me immature? Im willing to agree that miniclip has indeed destroyed the runescape community. Ive started playing WoW instead simply due to the horrible community that was once great.
  11. I've been watching n0valyfe since august 06, this is his site btw.
  12. I personally would use draynor, but I haven't run any time tests or anything. It just seems like common sense :?
  13. I keep coming up with nothing...I clear my mind and then say the word runescape and..nothing... :shock:
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