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What else can you use knives with other than bananas?


Thanks Ronnii :D

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logs for fletching and various other fruits (watermelon, lime, orange, etc.) if you are a member.



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slashing apart giant spiderwebs and turning chocolate bars into chocolate dust

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Well it has some few uses.




Mainly for quests, cooking and fletching.




Also for slashing through blades. As long as a weapon has "slash" attack style, knife isn't needed however.




There are more kind of knives other than the regular knives.




There is a steel knife and rune knife these are used to range with shield. (useful against dragons or basilisks) and believe me, rune knives are better than normal bolts. (can't confirm about the rest of the bolts however)




Anyway, back on topic. Knife is also dropped by Jogres.

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