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probably a noob question , but i just returned to members.


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You can turn your cat into a hellcat by completing the Evil Dave subquest from the quest Recipe for Disaster.




You don't have to complete the subquest, you just need to get your cat to kill enough hell rats.

90 Combat 1900+ Total

99 Crafting 99 Cooking 99 Firemaking

99 Herblore 99 Fletching 98 Farming



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or you can just go to egedeville bank west there is a house go down let your cat catch like 15 hell mouses and you got your self a hell cat you dont need to have complete that part of the quest but dont forget dont give him milk that will turn him back.

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Even more of a Noob Question but where do you get these cats in the first place!




Complete Gertrude' Cat quest starting in the small hose just west of Varrock.

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