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Ok so I just got full guthans and teasted it out on the tzhaar monsters (not fight caves). I was there for a while, maybe half an hour killing them with a few 10sec breaks. When I had full health, I'd unequip my spear and use my whip and dragon sq. After I got bored doing them, my guthan items were still at 100 (not fully). So not thinking it would cost much to get them repaired, I went to bob in lumby. I used the Guthan body (100) on bob, it would cost 4500+ gp. Now when it said that, I thought it meant to repair the whole set. When I got it repaired, it only repaired the platebody! How can 4500gp repair a platebody when it's only 100? Barrow Bodys cost 90k to repair fully from 0. Something is not right in the calculation... :evil:

No longer playing Runescape, I caught the WoW bug.

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