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Skill Caster: The Start of the Legend

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Hey everyone, I've wanted to make a "Runescape" journal for a long time now, because I'm a great writer. I'll try to update when I can! Thanks!




Chapter 1: Introduction


7-09-06 | Welcome to Skill Caster's Life


Hello everyone, I'm Skill Caster. I have some decent skills, and


I've decided to share my adventures with everyone who happens


to stumble upon this journal. Happy Reading!




7-09-06 | A Stroll in the Marketplace


It's the begging of a new day. I'm in Eastern Adrougne,


my favorite place in all of Runescape. I was carrying nothing


with me but my yin-yang amulet, which I take everywhere,


and some spare change. I wondered over to the fur stall to


see the people stealing for the stall as usual. They had lured


the seller and the knight into a nearby building and locked


them in so they wouldn't get caught. As of now, my Runescape


life is going great. My extremely generous friend is soon going


to give me every Rune weapon and some dragon. Possibly even


full rune. My stats aren't the best but they're still decent. And


last but not least, I have a nice bank account. Today


was planned with all kinds of fun adventures. I was ready.

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It's looking good. I must admit some of the things i have read in this forum i dislike because it is far to boring but your has that little bit extra in and doesn't say exactly what you did like some of them do but still enough to know about. Yours is more like a story but its true and it isn't just a list of things which is boring.




Second best one ive read so far.




First post woohoo.

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It's the begging of a new day
Wow, that must be one HUGE amount of begging!!! There must be lots of low levels there :o


:^_^: I drew that smilie, btw, along with a few more used by this site.

Classic bloodveld for lyph3! Although I do like the new ones.

Like a ninja, here I was, gone I am now.

BUT! I may be back! Add my new account, Dr Bloodveld!

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