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What scares you the most?


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What strikes fear into your eyes? What sends a shiver up your spine?


Hopefully by sharing it here you will be less concious about the matter.


Just post your big scare and why.


Dont just post:


"OMFG SpdiDERzs CScare me teh most!1!11!!!!Sihft! cuz Dey have like 80 Mjillion legz!11!1shoft!1"




For me it would have to be death. Not just death, but a death and being alone. Now im not going to beat around the bush, I am about as fugly as they come (Im sure a few of you here have seen my pic via MSN D:). Although I am told I am intelligent and mature, girls around here dont care for that. Chavs and their chavettes out number the normal people here. Now its probably just me but I always get the feeling that it wont change, that ill be stuck among chavs for the rest of my life.




Bah, anyway. Post yours and get it off your chest. ;)

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