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  1. The first and better one is on the PC and the PS2, and the second one is just on PC. I found the second one kind of stale, but the first one is one of my favorite games. It's really more of a cult PC series, and I'm guessing it was not very popular because it features a female lead, it isn't your traditional WW2/sci-fi type shooter, and was unfortunately released only a few months after the similar and more popular Perfect Dark.
  2. I hated it at first, but after a couple hours and when I figured out what's going on, it's actually really fun now (and nobody's cheating yet so it's very easy to excel).
  3. Euthanize The Simpsons. Please, I beg of you. It's hard to believe it is the same show it was 20 years ago, and in most ways it isn't. Despite the Simpsons family characters going by the same name, all of them are completely different as characters. Homer has gone through about 4 radical personality changes since it started, and the rest have changed too. There's almost no humour in the show, and they have exhausted all possibilites of the characters (including almost every notable Biblical story, tall tale, piece of literature, historical story etc.) Cancel it, its done. I would have said Family Guy too, but I watched the episode on Sunday and it was impressively funny. Not a lost cause yet, I suppose, even though there have been some seriously bad episodes since it came back from cancellation a few years back.
  4. Doesn't the RROD only hit Xbox's sold before like June 2007 or something? All of the new ones have been fixed haven't they? The rate is much lower, but they still get RROD.
  5. I think BF1942 was a blast and the most playable. BF2 was also amazing because it added all those sweet extras (medals, leaderboards etc.). Both of them had OK shooter mechanics, sorta broken at times though. Plus, the vehicles in BF2 were much too overpowered, I felt. I actually thought BFV should have been the best in the series. It had the best vehicles and maps, but it suffered from being poorly optimized and the teams were completely unbalanced. Now that I have a better computer, I would really love to go back and play BFV though (and the other two as well :)).
  6. 24 players, 3 maps, regening health, unlimited ammo, every class having anti-tank weaponry...would be neat on a console, but who cares about a small graphics ungrade if you're regressing in every other way? Answer, probably a few hundred thousand people, unfortunately.
  7. Finished World of Goo. It was OK, but I think it's praise is a bit out of proportion. It had really great production values, but the puzzling wasn't anything exceptional. I've played equal and greater puzzle games along similar lines that came out years before. Definately worth the $15 I paid (it's about 10 hours long), and good humor, but it's another case of an overly excitable and vocal cult following. Trails 2 also got 10 hours of play out of me, and I think I'm about done for now. It's super addicting, but once it gets to the levels that would take potentially days to master, it just isn't worth it anymore. Great value, though, at $2.50. X-Com was seriously amazing though. For $3.75 I got more than 30 hours of the best classic PC gaming there is. It's old ('93) and has a crippling learning curve (without some heavy help from the internet and the manual, it's near impossible at the start even on Beginner), but this is rightly remembered as one of PC gamings finest classic games. IGN called it the best PC game of all time a few years ago, and while I think that may be overboard, it really is amazing. Way ahead of it's time and so undeniably PC-focused, it's a great feeling to play this game when so many games appearing on PC these days are designed with consoles in mind. Now playing CoD2 on Veteran.
  8. This comes up ad nauseum in video games forums and circles, and the answer I've come up with is that it really doesn't matter one iota. An arbitrary label doesn't cheapen or enhance the experience, so I don't really care to be honest.
  9. Alan Wake, Diablo 3 and the first Starcraft 2 game are the only ones I'm surely going to get at release, but there's also a good chance I'll get Alpha Protocol aswell. Also, if I happen to have a PS3 by then, I'd really like to see if Heavy Rain ends up as good as I hope.
  10. I have the one you showed. It is OK (I think I bought it for BF:Vietnam), but mine doesn't work anymore because I left it in a cupboard and it got clogged with dust. I can't say I'd absolutely suggest it, but I don't regret what I paid (I think 20-30 at Staples). I actually had a pretty easy time with helicopters, in BF:V anyway, and I was OK with planes with KB+M. Getting the joystick improved my fighter jet skill more than my helicopter skill.
  11. I bought World of Goo, Trials 2 and X-com on Steam. I started out playing mostly Trials, but now I'm really into Xcom. I guess I need to get farther into WoG b/c right now it's far, far too easy. I recently played The Orange Box (Portal and Ep2), Bioshock, GTAIV and Psychonauts. All were good, none were amazing. Bioshock was probably the best among them (and I say that with the full understanding that it is very, very derivative). Ep2 was solid but overly familiar, Portal's main levels were too easy and it's become the Anchorman of videogames (overquoted to hell) so I knew most of the punchlines, Psychonauts was strong but it lost a lot of it's humor in the second half, and GTAIV was a decent game, just a poor GTA game.
  12. That's because it goes by the developers Minimum and Recommended specs which are frequently inaccurate. I have often played games just fine with less than minimum specs, and have barely been able to play other games with better than recommended specs.
  13. Mr_Putter

    Need for Speed

    Hot Pursuit is pretty good, but High Stakes has pretty much everything HP had and much more, so it's my favorite. Porsche Unleashed was pretty good aswell, and I haven't put much time into any since then. It seemed to go in a different direction that I didn't really like too much.
  14. I just watched Enemy at the Gates last week. I don't know if anyone here has seen that movie and played Call of Duty 1 recently, but the first few Russian missions in COD1 and the first 15 minutes of that movie are exactly the same. Clearly COD copied it (having come out after), but had it been the other way around it would be a wonderfully faithful adaptation. :). That said, games should be moving towards their own storytelling style that links it to the gameplay, and some of the best examples of storytelling in games already do that (mostly RPG's). I think there could be some pretty good action movies made out of the best linear shooters/action games, however I doubt we will be seeing genuinely amazing movie adaptations in of any sort of dramatic movie any time soon. The maturity and quality of most (not all) games is just still not very high.
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