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  1. You would think that if humans can build a lunar/martian mining colony we could also have made some adhesive to tape flashlights onto the weapons?
  2. If you found Ravenholm scary then you would [cabbage] yourself playing the Underground/Lab levels of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl. With dynamic lighting turned up, the atmosphere is so perfect with moans, screams of various creatures, clanky machinery noises coupled with limited ammo and non-regenerating health.
  3. They can arm themselves especially in international waters but the fact is if they have guns and start shooting, it will provoke the pirates into shooting/killing them instead of their lives being spared for ransom.
  4. Dont worry, I get 30 kb/s max. +1 50kb/s if I'm lucky.
  5. I would think Alkali + Halogen would harness a greater reaction than Alkali + Water.
  6. qft, it's the same game from Halo 1 with better graphics.
  7. do you have the Steam version or retail?
  8. Picked it up this weekend from Steam, alot of content for a $12 http://store.steampowered.com/app/13210/ (40% off, ends tomorrow) Surprised that this has never really taken off considering the popularity of the preceding Unreal games. Graphics are A++, achievements, unlockables, vehicles, fast paced twitch gaming. Anyone play it? Can't say I can give you a game considering i will get ridiculously high pings from servers outside of AU/NZ.
  9. GTX 295 is also ~$520USD, you could get a whole PC with that money.
  10. Tip: Stop logging in from public computers.
  11. I reccomend only buy from some stores (Playtech, Computerlounge, Ascent, Ifocus,XP Computers, PBtech) as the price for parts may be more, but you get more service, extremely fast delivery and fast warranty acknolegements if something goes wrong.
  12. Depends if you want to overclock or not, stock would be fine for normal use and overclocking (C2D's OC well with stock) but if you want to go insane OC'ing (4ghz+ etc.) then an aftermarket cooler is a good suggestion.
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