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Of Ladies and Gentlemen, a short story


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Of Ladies and Gentlemen




In which we pass wind, speak with demons, and learn the secrets of secret Meetings. Whereupon we learn what it is to Be a guardsman, the dilemma of upper-class chefs, and how the egoes of short people are formed.




Please leave your comments here or on deviantART. Thank you. =)

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It's not really a story though, is it?

Does anyone happen to know death_siren? She stole a green mask from me, and I think I found my way into her ignore list. If you know anything, please, don't hesitate to give me a pm.

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I'm too restless to read it right now, maybe later, I always enjoy your stuff. Off to play D&D. (I'm still contemplating stealing that avatar btw)

Pm me if you need anything proof-read, I may not be very good, but I am always willing to help.

A Seal Clubber is me!

A Oxygenarin is me!


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