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  1. dragoncmd

    RS Haiku

    Now Kids, theres a moral to this story! ... Don't compete with a KOL player in a haiku contest! (PS, I liked the limmerick.)
  2. I loved the first part. Unfortuanetly fight scenes out of context are just meh.
  3. As for thread necromancy, I sincerely hope the rules on it don't apply in the liberary. Fabulous story, thats the first time I've thought the character explination at hte beginning actually enhanced a story rather than detracting from it. I hope you continue Forsaken!
  4. Decided to log in again, and clicked on this story at random. Have to say I'm impresed. I haven't read Twilight or very many other vampire novels outside of amatuer (spelling?) writing. I'd recomend looking for an editor, its nearly impossible to catch all your mistakes by yourself, and I'm sure someone would be willing to edit a story as interesting as this. Two specific comments: First spelling in the second post: Also, I found this passage extremely strange after the preceeding few paragraphs. You've just stated that this family is extremely wealthy, and love luxury, and yet the room is sparse and undecorated? More generally, Alex is a bit shallow of a character at this point, her responses seem to be complete trust and admiration, fear, or hate. Flesh her out a bit more. Overall, thrilling story, I'll hunt it down for updates next time I'm on, but look into finding an editor. Good luck!
  5. ok, thank your for correcting my spelling, as I did not even make an attempt. Is there any response to content though? (Archi was an interesting read as always)
  6. This is a bit different from most posts in the liberary. I want to ask how runescape and the runescape community has shaped you, wheter online or in "real-life". (I am using in game names only) I started playing runescape when my friend Toxlc introduced me to it in fall of 2004. Up until this point I had no expierence with MMO games. Toxlc got me started and gave me my first set of iron armor allowing me to jump into the game. My first obsession was mining, and my first piece of rune equiptment was a rune pickaxe. I used the incomming from mining to buy my set of adamant armor, leading to my first lesson. I was standing around Varrock (amazing that I can still remember the names of cities) soon after buying my new armor when I fell for a "jagex blocks your password" scam. I quickly logged out and changed my pass before any real damage could be done, and I vowed never to fall for a scam again. In every game I have played since, I have looked up the various forms of scamming before gettign too far into the game, so that I would be prepared and not fall for somethign so stupid again. Runescape also allowed me into an online community, namely tip.it. I made friends that showed me other (and in my opinion better) games after they stopped playing. I started playing Kingdom of Loathing, Darkthrone, Knight Online, and started reading Order of the Stick all because of links on tip.it. Runescape also taught me much about online etiquete (spelling?) that I have carried with me in the numerous mmo's I have played since. (Currently I am playing Guild Wars and Kingdom of Loathing. I can be found every once in awhile in rs and knights online.)
  7. Its amazing seeing a post from when I was playing rs back on the from page. To edit that last post, the last person would be Moses, a rl life friend of mine, and an extremely rude person. We played guild wars and wow together for two years, and he has recently gone back to runescape. I wont go into details, but he has both been a great friend and a complete [wagon].
  8. I think what they mean is that to tell a story, you want to give the story life, and continuously make your audience want to know whats going to happen next. In its current form, your story is closer to a history lecture class that I skip everyday at school.
  9. ok, I was wondering cause I knew you had written some planescape fanfics before.
  10. only finished the first chapter. zonorhc, is this homebrew, planescape or somethign else?
  11. Good start, some more detail would be nice, I'm just waiting to see how sell you researched the story. (guildwarsguru is an invaluable source)
  12. Don't compare RS to wow, Try Knights online, silkroad, supreme destiny, conquer online, or Guildwars. With the exception of supreme destiny every one of those is superior to rs, with only guildwars requiring a significant amount of money (approx 100$ for all 3 games, no monthly fee, thats about the same as two years of rs.) Knights online, conquer and silkroad take a far smarter system of payment. The ENTIRE game is free. What you pay for is ultra powerful items that are either unnecessary to play the game, or found in the game through an extremely difficult quest. (Conquer uses the second example, you buy 3 items for 5 bucks, or get one for months of play time. Silk road and Knights use a xp and gp increase system along with powerful sat boosting items not ofund anywhere else, all of which are unnecessary) My point is I could play any of those games for an equivlent amount of money or less, and have a far better game. Guild wars is the only mmorpg I have ever played that is truely concentrated on group tactics and skill as it only takes about a week to max out character level. even so, someone you just started does not stand a chance in pvp not due to a weak character but due to a lack of knowledge about the game. Silk road is a bit closer to rs in its freeform play style, but has an ingenious world pvp system (with many bugs, but they're improving). True clicking is a control system, but his objection is to the simplicity of the game. Let me give you a coparison of combat in RS and one other game. RS: Duel arena, equal levels, melee combat (mages are exception to the rule) Click opponet: I attack He clicks me: He atacks Wait.... Wait.... Click Shark- back to near full health He click shark - Hes back to near full health Wait wait wait... Stir and repeat... Someone dies. Second game (using GW cause I know it the best but equally applicalbe to WOW, conquer, silk road and knights online at higher levels.) All weapons and armor are equal. W/R20 versus W/R20 with a standard skill bar I frenzy and attack He frienzies and atacks His health drops and he panics hitting his healing signet I I see his sig go up and immediatly hit final thrust ending the fight due to a simple error on his part. If he had canceled frenzy he might have survived. The difference, In rs, all I monitor is my health and that I continue to attack and keep potions up. In guildwars, I have to monitor my enemy's abilites and react accordingly. I could give you a beter example using a monk team, but that would take an hour to type out 5 seconds of combat, I don't have the time. Feel free to comment.
  13. *is suffering withdrawl* Oh and powerent, I love your signature.
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