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  1. God of Chaos, remember. Do what you want because Chaos is free. Yar har fiddle dee dee. You are a heretic.
  2. In that case, please rephrase my post in a "simpler" way which doesn't change its original meaning. I type the way I do because I want the meaning of my posts to be as unambiguous as possible, ironic statements excepted.
  3. As the purpose of language is to facilitate communication, that is, the conveyance of meaning, then it is the speaker's responsibility to ensure that the words they use communicate the ideas that they wish to communicate. There is no reason not to take language seriously when there is a chance that people will misinterpret your ideas. Among friends who are accustomed to speaking to each other, miscommunication isn't a huge issue, but ideas must be presented with clarity when talking to other people. Incidentally, there is an idea which comes up in linguistic philosophy that suggests that it is impossible for listeners to understand what a speaker wishes to communicate via language, as there will always be a discrepancy between how the listener decodes and interprets words, and what the speaker thinks their words actually mean. Incidentally, fix your spelling, OP.
  4. Zonorhc


    The reds are edge-highlighted with Blood Red. I've tried Blazing Orange before, but it's too bright for this particular colour scheme. I'm not sure what you mean by the large metal areas. I washed the red areas and the glass bits with Badab Black, because I've recently made the discovery that it acts as a poor man's gloss varnish. Devlan Mud was used on the metallics, base and lower legs to simulate oil and dirt stains, and I used very watered-down Tin Bitz for rusting and oil streaks. I am of the opinion that Devlan Mud is Jesus in wash form. I'm also considering converting a Vendetta from heavy weapons squads. Would you mind showing how you put the lascannons together? I'm still trying to decide whether I want to convert it myself or just get the kit from Forgeworld.
  5. It was a brilliant movie, but I think it's the sort of bowel-loosening terror that only works on people with functional imaginations.
  6. Zonorhc


    Well, last time I posted a model, folks suggested that I put more work into weathering effects. So this time, I decided to work for a while on basing, posing and painting a Sentinel walker. Armed with a plasma cannon, the Sentinel is a light walker intended for scouting operations and providing fire support for infantry in dense terrain. This Armoured Sentinel is a heavier variant of the standard Scout Sentinel, and forgoes some mobility for added protection and firepower. Base/legs, torso and plasma cannon assembled, unpainted. Legs primed, base undercoated. Right hand side view of torso and plasma cannon (assembled after painting individually). Left hand side view of same, to show more of the undercoat work. Legs and base painted. Close-up of base and legs after adding grass for more colour contrast, to show extent of weathering effects. Also gives a sense of scale of how big the model actually is. Finished Sentinel, after cleaning up the paint job and finishing off the base: I am going to work on the Valkyrie a bit more later. Meanwhile, comments on this one and suggestions for next time, please!
  7. The streaks and the scuffed paint are part of the weathering. I'm also thinking of adding more hit grazes to the nose, like what I've already got on the wings, and maybe some dirt on the edge of the passenger hatch. Also note the scorched paint just aft of the engines. It's not very clear on the photo, but there is rust on the landing gear as well. I might just add some mud splashes on the underside, though, now that you mention it. The bases, I'm getting to. I should have based them before painting, which is what I'm doing now with my freshly built models, but I am also putting sand on the bases of the older models and giving that a lick of paint.
  8. A short introduction. Now that's over with, I present to you 01 - Sleipnir, the first Valkyrie Assault Carrier I have completed for the Imperial Guardsmen of the 1st Bisonian Mechanised. The Valkyrie is a rapid response gunship designed to transport a squad of Imperial Guardsmen and provide supporting fire once they are on the ground. Sleipnir carries a squad of tank hunters to where their powerful meltaguns can deal the most damage to enemy armour, while the gunship's multilaser and rocket pods harass enemy infantry and keep them away from the Bisonians. This is the gunship just after priming, and after I finished painting the cockpit interior: After the initial colour application: The finished Valkyrie: And a top-down view to give you a look at the engines and wing surfaces: Finally, the Valkyrie with its rear hatch open as the squad disembarks: The Valkyrie took me a long time to finish assembling and painting, due to study and work commitments getting in the way. Now that it's finished, comments are greatly appreciated!
  9. I make a point of having regular blood tests anyway, so this would never have remained hidden that long. Anyway, I thought there was a HIV/AIDS vaccine or treatment in the works already, so this might be a non-issue. Herp derp, internet tough guy.
  10. I'm not sure if you realise that the US is a secular state, and that the countries you are referring to aren't.
  11. Which means moves like these get votes. Acts of "friendship" aren't done by politicians out of any sense of social justice. It rests on communities to be sincere about these things. Politicians might provide an example for some, but by and large, they court votes and not much more.
  12. I'm surprised. I thought we had a firmer grasp on how politics involving minority groups works around here.
  13. How does it show that? I've played DotA a lot as well, and it does get amazingly boring after a while.
  14. Isn't that, like most things that turn up on MMO Champion early, placeholder art? I'm just sick of all the shaman QQ about how we don't match up against other melee dps, when we do. Was in a Naxx 25 earlier, and I was putting out more dps on Patchwerk than others with better gear than me.
  15. To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.
  16. I'm under the impression that Lenin meant that Welsh people are cold blooded reptiles.
  17. Do I need to spell it out for you? It's because velociraptors hate humans. This is why they go after us. They go after us because they hate us. Ergo, they can feel hatred. QED. Wrong on all counts. Any competent historian will tell you that the HMS Hood was sunk by velociraptors. The Bismarck only lit its guns to make sure the raptors wouldn't sink it as well. But it was sunk anyway. Coincidence? I think not.
  18. Vodka with ice and a slice of lime.
  19. Shows what you know. There are any number of articles in respected scientific journals which provide conclusive evidence that velociraptors are incapable of any state of mind beyond base, instinctive hatred for all humans and a desire to feast on man-flesh. Yeah? Well, then I guess you'd care to explain how the HMS Hood was sunk, smart guy. Here's a hint: it wasn't the Bismarck.
  20. I would stock up on beef jerky, ammunition and rock music. I will die like a man.
  21. Uh, Enhancement scales better with raid buffs, because it benefits from both melee and caster buffs. And you are judging shamans based on their performance in content that the majority of players won't even experience?
  22. Wut. Enhancement DPS is far superior to Elemental DPS, and is essentially on par with other dedicated melee DPS. I can easily top DPS on heroics and 10 mans. Shamans are godly in PVE unless you have downs.
  23. You mean conditioning? That's unethical, you know. Also makes for a good start down a slippery slope.
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