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  1. I haven't seen you for a while George, how's life?

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Alright, so we've got another case of Paedophilia via the internet. Obviously it is a horrible thing, the guy is despicable, you know, all of that necessary stuff. He can stay locked up for life for all I care about the bastard. However, I'm quite amazed at the solid attitudes of some people here. I'm surprised that some of you cannot find even the TINIEST reason to give the girl even the TINIEST bit of blame. This was not a one man show, people. I realise it's been said countless times on previous pages, but she DID ALL BUT PUSH HERSELF AGAINST HIS [rooster]. Good God. She told him her name, where she lived, consented to meeting up, consented to SEX with the guy... Yeah, obviously it's a rape case and should indeed be treated as such. This is something that shouldn't happen, and I'm not saying she should be given a hefty punishment for being such an absolute [developmentally delayed]. The guy gets the punishment, the girl gets her own from her parents and via counselling. But for all that is holy, how can a person not blame her in the slightest?! She gave the guy EVERYTHING he needed, and CONSENTED to all of it! Even the God damn sex! THREE TIMES! People so young CAN have their own opinions, make decisions, and have minds that work as any adult's does. It can be fairly rare to find one so young who has the thinking capability of an adult, sure, but it's possible. Just because she's thirteen doesn't mean this wasn't at least PARTIALLY her own fault. Accept it, people. If she hadn't been to [developmentally delayed]ed then this wouldn't have happened. Honestly, today's youth isn't stupid enough to not know what would happen should they tell a fifty-four year old man so much about themselves, then meet them! Christ, people. Christ.
  4. This. It's so damn soft! Other things include a bit of humour, witty conversations and fanta. Oh, let's not forget the usage of the word '[bleep]'. Good God I love that word, yet I don't know why. Anyway, long time no see, TIF. EDIT: Bah, the word is blocked here. I haven't missed the censor. :thumbdown:
  5. I seem to be INTP, which seems rather accurate, surprisingly.
  6. BlackDawn


    Oh ma Gawd... She be one 'o 'dem lesmiams!
  7. A month or so late to reply, but thank you, guys. ^^

  8. Unless you can get someone else with you, it'll be weird. You can't really not feel weird when you're just sitting there next to your friend and her boyfriend doing their couple stuff, while you're on your own. I suggest just moving away and listening to music. :thumbup:
  9. Well, here's a little. My own long-distance relationship goes strong and well. True, the distance isn't the worst, but hey, being able to see one another once a month is tough. (Not as tough as a certain somebody elses, but...) This saturday I may be visiting her again, so I'm in a pretty good mood this week.
  10. You speak the truth. :thumbup: Believe me, even if they appreciate you and will remain loyal to only you, you still need to like their general personality to want to go out with them in the first place. Loyalty and respect are big things, that's for sure, but make sure you actually like the person. Harrinator, true, he probably doesn't know what love is at this point, but stating it as fact doesn't seem right. For all we know, it might actually be love he feels, but without having the feelings returned it's easy to point out he isn't in love. This probably doesn't help, I know, but I wanted to say that.
  11. EMR retired. Point still stands though. EMR just got a new job: assassin. He takes jobs from Das. :ohnoes:
  12. BlackDawn


    Can I have tea? Of course. *Hands a cup of tea* Would you like a crumpet with that? Oh, today I hereby dub myself the Keeper of the Tea and Crumpets. I would prefer to be known as that from this point on.
  13. BlackDawn

    Favorite sayings.

    I would try and give another example, but I'm tired and too lazy to think of one. But I stand by what I said; murder CAN be justified, although the terms can be difficult to meet.
  14. BlackDawn


    Have you explained all of that to her? To me it sounds like you have a great chance, even over summer. I'm assuming you have good conversations when you do talk, and I'm going to guess you get along well too. Females are confusing, aye? But don't worry man, TIF is here for you. *Hands a cup of tea*
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