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What are these in order of power?












Throwing Knives









Throwing axes/Javelins (I believe)






I'm 99% that's right.




Is that weakest first? ..Arrows are more powerfull because of the bows. . . if you use rune arrows with a normal shortbow, theyre way less effective than with a mage short.

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Yes, that's the weakest first.




Though, I will say that darts and knives might have the same max hit, but I do know that knives have a higher range attack bonus than darts.




As far as rune throwing axes and javelins go, I'm not really too sure on which is more accurate. Javelins are slower by far, but I think they give a higher range bonus and hit a bit harder than throwing axes, but I'm not really sure on that. I haven't used a throwing axe since before Jagex nerfed the special.




And yes, arrows are generally more powerful and accurate than another of the aforementioned items.




I know you didn't ask this, but in terms of speed darts and knives are best, followed by using a shortbow with arrows, followed by throwing axes and then javelins.

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