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Runecrafting help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi, I want to be a future abyss runecrafter. But alas I am only level 39 runecrafting. And another problem is, I only have 1 glory and almost no gp (finally tried construction)so I was thinking about crafting 2625 chaos via the abyss,


1. to get money and glories.


2. for abyss experience




Or I can use the regular method and craft a 3083 fires.




Another problem is the ess. I have around 1k reg ess little less. And no pure ess. So I need some advice. Oh and I have all the pouches ready(even though I can only use the first 2) If that means anything...

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if you don;t have money to buy ess, I suggest you mine pune ess yourself. You can then either carft them into chaos till your goal.




Or you can mine pure ess, sell and buy normal, making fire runes using duel rings which should be pretty fast xp.




good luck



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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uhm yeha im kinda confused too..but u should jus mine pure ess/reg ess i would say if u got no cash or rc those reg ess into say fires or something then sel to buy more ess?

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What's your combat level? The average Abyss Pker is in the 80-100 Range so if you're below that by about 9 or so levels you should go right under their detection.




If you're doing Chaos Runes you don't even need to use a glory amulet. Just go out the exit of the Chaos Altar and then run back to edgeville and bank your chaos. A little tip is to go 180 degrees in the Abyss because that is where the Entrance that requires no skills lies. That way you can bring your 28 Essence if you don't have any pouches. Chaos Crafting at the Abyss is very easy so long as you bank and don't mind losing some Essence every once and a while. Bring low level equipment if need be (i.e. A Bronze Pickaxe or Bronze Hatchet)

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