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i need advice fast please..


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ok im going to be a member in about 3 days i sent in the money order thing about an hour ago i have enough supplies to make 2k steel arrows and 1024 willow long bows i just dont have and bowstrings but i need to know what i should do while im waiting for membership??

for those who don't speak 'Irritated Baboon with Aids' i'll attempt to translate:

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Try and gather pure ess in f2p. Do the abyss mini-quest and start rcing nats straight away :P




If you feel like getting really bored, smelt aload of steel bars. Do the Dwarf cannon quest when you get members, then make 4x the amount of cannonballs as steel bars. Sell for 200ea.




You sound like you want to start fletching also, so you could cut willows. I think it takes about 13k willow longbows to get to 70 fletchin from 40 (??). Most people would buy them, but as you have a bit of time on your hands, you could cut as many as you can.




Enjoy members ;-)

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