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IS there a web site or sumthing which lets people 95+ ...


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IS there a web site which lets poeple 95+ know whhich world is the pest control world? im sick of 78 cus of all the noobs and i aint good enough to be with the 110+. does anyone know wher ei can find the info?

Do u know what the Chain of Command is? it's the chain i'll go get and beat you with until you understand who is in command here


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once, when i was switchin around worlds, i did find a world with all lvl 100+ lvls but i cant remember it... i suggest u just stick with 78, and play late at night, like midnight because thats when the devoted players are still on and the little kids who absolutely refuse to attack the spinners or somethin are in bed

This is my original signature. You can't touch this.

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