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best way to train magic?


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curse or regular damage spells like bolts and strikes.

1500+ total 89 cmb; 1600+ total and under 93 cmb.

02/04/07 reached all skills 60+ under lvl 90 cmb.

07/19/07 reached all skills 70+ at lvl 93 cmb.

Prayer is good for herbs
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im a crafter and i need to get my magic up. whats the best spell to use? i have 27 magic.


It depends if you are P2P or F2P and on what you define as "best".




Give us more info to get a more specific answer.




But, for poor F2P players, failed Curse is a reasonably fast


and very cost effective way to raise.

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hmmm poor f2p sounds like me :P would enchanting 100 saph ammys do any good?


Every little bit helps.




Consider this:


Cosmic rune: Sapphire jewelry gives 17.5 mage exp per cast.


Mind rune: Fire Strike averages about 18 mage exp per cast.


Body rune: (failed) Curse always gives 29 mage exp per cast.


Chaos rune: Fire bolt averages about 34 mage exp per cast.


Chaos rune: Crumble undead averages about 39 mage exp per cast.




So, for F2P players, Curse is the most cost effective way to raise magic.


Plus, all of the runes can be made on F2P altars.




Hope this helps.

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well even though curse gives more exp its better to go with


fire strike b/c for fire strike u need airs fire and minds


and since airs only require lvl 1 rcing u get alot more airs per ess


and fires are lvl 14 and minds are lvl 2 so by doing those instead of curse u get alot more of them per ess and theyre way easier to craft


plus for curse u need to wear full rune to make it fail for sure or do it on the zammy mage


and curse doesnt give hitpoints exp

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I would say curse is by far the best and most affordable...


curse chickens south of fally... stand on one side of the fence. You will get free shots! uwahaha. The amount of exp isn't as much as superheat or high level alchemy, but the rate at which you can cast the spell is much faster... just about the same in a sense.




Plus... ever since they made that evil chicken random event... it's WELL WELL WELL worth it!!





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