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Nate's Blog v. 1.2 [2/9 Skills] **Day 3**

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Welcome to my blog.





Version 1: Goal -- Stats in red to lvl 50+




Skill Stats as of 7/18










Kills needed


--1,694 Cows To Go








Items needed


--1105 Iron Ores To Go








Items needed


--Smelt 4500 Steel








Items needed


-1,624 Oak Logs To Go








Items needed


--657 Oak Fires To Go








Items needed


--2,575 Hard Leathers To go




---Rune Crafting---




Items needed


--20,267 Ess.



----------Archived Goal Pictures----------




Completed 7/18 at 0:24






Completed on 7/18 at 1:02/1:47

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----------Day 3 Plan 7/20----------


--Cut enough Oaks for Goal


--Light enough fires for Goal


--Collect 1k cow hides


--Mine 1k essence




----------Day 2 Plan 7/19----------


--Cut 422 Oak Logs


--Light 1,000 Oak Fires


--Mine 392 Iron


--Mine 1,000 Essence


--Kill 500 Cows


Making those fires was really boring, how do people with 99 firemaking do it?


----------Day 1 Plan 7/18----------


--Get 80 Feathers


--Fly Fish the 80 Feathers for Goal Level


--Cook all Fish


--Mine 500 Iron


--Start and Complete Rune Mystery Quest


--Cut 300 Oak Logs


--Kill 300 Cows


--Mine 1,000 Ess.


Day one went pretty well. I actually got everything done eariler then I expected. So I am going to jump on day two tasks. Any extra time gained tomorrow will be spent mining extra essence.

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Thank you for the luck and thank you for letting me use your picture in my sig it rules...


I intened to get this guys str way up and keep low attack. Not sure how many people have messed with that setup but I figure I give it a shot. You can always gain lvl, you can never take them back...

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For Version 2 goals I am thinking:


70+ Fishing


70+ Cooking


70+ Strength


70+ Mining




Think those good goals that can be reached in a few weeks?


Fishing in F2P stinks, I think it will be the most difficult skill to level, espically since ill be doing lobbies. Mining will be quite easy, or so I believe. I have no idea how strength will go with my 10 attack and 1 defense...




But first have to focus on the goals I have now. I think Ill put off RC, Smithing, and Crafting until I get more materials.




So Version two will be realesed as soon as I get the rach my goals excluding the three skills mentioned earlier...

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