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A little help?


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Ok so i havent been on rs in like 2 weeks pc at home had died, waiting for it to be fixed, should be in teh next few weeks. #-o




I know this probably isnt the right forum but iwas unsure where to post and seeing as i have limited pc time (at library right now) i need to be fast






i need to get a message to an RS friend of mine, tell him what happened and thats why im offline, i havent put him on iggy lol




we only contact each other through rs so i dont have a mail addy for him




i was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to message him for me? i will add him name in this post as i dont know if ill get back on soon, if at all :( i understand if this gets deleted as its not on topic but if someone would be kind enough ti message him in game for me that would be awesome :) its toffeeman9




tia! :)

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wow fast response ty so much :)




if you could just let him know our pc is busted and that i hope to be back on asap! rsn is norman biggs :)




ty ty ty!! he should be around on game soon, but i cant get logged into the stupid thing!

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