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New New Pixel Signature, Aprzepioski


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I liked *named removed*'s borders on his signature so I tried making mine similar to his. In my last signature a week ago, I learned how to make grass. I read this great tutorial on how to make clouds on RuneScape Community (thanks to *named removed*). The guy who wrote the tutorial was born to make clouds. I tried to dither a lot of my stuff in here and I even made a small little lake after messing around for awhile.




I am trying not to use outlining, dither my work, better shading, but less color. A lot of people complained about color in my last signature. Sorry to those of you who are blind from my last signature. =(




I saved my work in parts in case I made a mistake because I am using MS Paint rather than PhotoShop. Here are what I had in parts (by the way, I got bored and made a dragon med randomly . It turns out great I think, lol.)






Starting background






Dragon Med






Added a lake






OMG! A Tree!




and the first image you saw was just finishing touches after the tree. =p




Please leave behind comments and/or suggestions.






*note: The person that showed me borders asked that I did not mention his name on other sites.

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Yeah, I notice it was empty. Temporarily though of course. =p




I'll add squirels, trees, water plants, weed, flowers, shrubs and a lot more. I made this at like 1 am in the morning (was to addicted).




I'll show more later.



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Thanks. I am learning more and more about pixel signatures everyday. I spent a lot of time on the grass and clouds lol.




Hopefully my next signature will be better. I'll post them soon as I am almost done with it.







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