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  1. Walter Becker and the session guitarists on Steely Dan albums Alex Lifeson Those are two of my favourite at the moment.
  2. I'm a CLERK OF COURTESY. My duties include, but are not limited to: Courtesy Clerking of said courtesy Bringing in shopping carts Sweeping the store Slacking off and getting 10.50 an hour to do it I'm also a student, but that's boring compared to grocery store jobs.
  3. It's pretty cool he emailed you. My friend emailed Wreckless Eric and got a reply, which is pretty cool as well. It's nice when these guys take the time to email their fans back.
  4. Seems to me that a red shirt and hat with white gloves and blue overalls is a pretty good jump suit.
  5. I wear Levi skinny jeans. I'm tall and skinny, may as well dress to those facts. They're pretty nice. I'm thinking that I'll end up being a kid who goes and pays 60 bucks for a pair of jeans, and I'm completely comfortable in that fact. This'll be the first year where I've done back to school shopping while having a job, so I've got an excess of money to spend on looking good. I'm by no means shallow, but hey, what the hell, why not?
  6. I may be using the word wrong, but I'm saying he's more of an anti-theist in the sense that he takes a position and writes books on it and etc., while atheism seems to be less of a position and more of a "Ehh, whatever" kind of thing.
  7. ^ I was under the impression that Dawkins was more of an anti-theist, not an atheist, so he has full reason to write books on the subject.
  8. I guess the sarcasm was lost on you.
  9. lollolol dose guiz who r so cancurous on t3h /b/
  10. I swear alot. It's an awful habit. I only swear around people I'm comfortable with, though. I won't do it to people I barely know because I don't want to seem like some 'big man' trying to get his point across by cursing every second word.
  11. I don't really post much anymore. But back when I did, I always liked all the people in the old-old gallery (back when we could sell and stuff). You doods know who you are.
  12. I wear red converse high tops. Black laces (although currently I have white ones on because I haven't taken the time to go buy new black ones).
  13. Memory stacks the deck, I guess.
  14. It's all about as serious as the internet-- and that's some pretty serious business.
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