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  1. tho these are not pixel abstacts :P these are cartoon pixel compolations of images, or something like that atleast.
  2. needs more contrast especially skin and hair.
  3. never did those things in the shop.. pitty tho i'm doing a new pixel now and here it is
  4. this is a basic way to make male people.. it might be helpfull (just drawn by me right now) the red colors are the stick figure, purple is skin figure. tho your not allowed to use the drawing i made but you are allowed to follow the "procedure" might be helpfull...
  5. 4be2jue.. looks like.. seems we know best.. your whole story.. hate to break it down to you but your eyes aren't on the top of your head, because you see thats where your hair grows.. now cover your eyes for uber crappy template i just made.. it's a quick basic sketch that might help you in the steps at starting to draw heads... nowhere near an acceptable end product.. seeing i made several mistakes aswell..
  6. last time i checked you cant hear ANY gas you can hear gas if it thunnels out of something..
  7. somehow reminds me of a woman.. :-#
  8. ... style or not aa-ing it would make it better, ter has quite proven that.
  9. the rocks are cool tho i don't really dig the black and color part on the tree black and color shoots down on tree's if don't do a leave based shading. your studying landscapes painting? i've got but one tip: A pallete knife, you need that more that a brush. pallette knife's (not quite sure if thats the right english translation) are very handy with landscapes.. tried it myself once, really awesome tho i kind of find land scapes un interesting to paint
  10. try not to base of of terley's stuff to much... use your own creativity
  11. actually i even think that the naughty dreams aren't even real dreams , i think they are just wishes/thoughts going true your head BEFORE one falls asleep. i'm not joking i really think that, because i can't remember one naughty dream from when i was asleep, in my entire life.
  12. damn whats your screen resolution 400x400?
  13. you bit him :shock: damn you for haunting my local swimming pool!!
  14. i was left..there was more to the dream but this was the main 'appening
  15. 1 + 2 up for grabs need someone to do those, because im inspirationless at the moment, well inspirationless in pixels and art scenery.. that is.
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