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  1. It's not a liberal law at all. It's a conservative law. I'm sure it was passed by mostly conservative politicians because they felt student should be able to stand up in Biology class and state that they believe the world was created by God etc etc etc, not through chance and Evolution.
  2. Too late! I already did that by selling two small Taiwanese boys with brains tumors to some black market Russian Mafiaso types! I win the award!
  3. Take it to da flo! Get loose! To the windooooooow, to the wall! (To the wall, wall wall!) Till sweat drop down my balls!!! Skeet skeet skeet!!! :D :P You can still say Skeet on tip.it? This reminds me of Dave Chappelle...Tip.it, you are white people. The users? We're the black people. AAAAA SKEET SKEET SKEET! MY GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE!
  4. All things aside, God hasn't given anyone on Earth since Jesus the ability to heal people...At all. So, hope that answers your question.
  5. So because it wasnt a "normal customer" your not assuming. By saying she did it on purpose because it was a police officer is assuming. so you were assuming then and your assuming now, so why dont we get on the assume bus and assume down to assume city for a bunch of assume waffles. Assuming you havernt got my point by now lets run around assuming that we wont get arrested next time we assume no police officer will see us assuming in the assume no parking zone. I assume you will have a very nice day. and i assume you will read this reply in good health....but hey thats just an assumption. It's not an assumption, it's an educated guess based on how fast food workers are. And this isn't the first time this has happened. Did you even se ethe lady on the news? "Ohhh, yea...I just accidentally put too much salt on and--" [cabbage], LADY. Go to jail, shut up. You're a [bleep]. Simple. But I'll take some assumption waffles anyways.
  6. It wasn't an accident. What do you think the odds are that a person would "accidentally" get too much salt on a POLICE OFFICERS food? Like, 1:97135215? She did it on purpose. She thought "harhar, I'm going to show those pigs!" and dumped salt all over his food. If it was a normal customer, THEN I'd assume it was an accident.
  7. Definately get Gears of War. To date, it's been the single game I was the most impressed with when playing it, sans probably GTA3 and GTA: VC.
  8. Didn't really bother me. I just wanted something fast and easy. That's what your mom said. OHHHHHH! Just kidding. But seriously. Just kidding again.
  9. Speaking of that, my girlfriend is probably the greatest warlock I've ever seen. :P We were doing 2v2 arena last night, and...well, they should just rename it 1v2 in her case. As a priest, I'd of course go down right away without time to do much else than cast 2 Shadow Word: Pain's and then dying. She, several times, took out 2 people by herself after I went down. Once was a pally and a druid, which I have no idea how she managed that...There was a shaman/druid...Hunter/shaman...I forget what else, but she did it like 4 or 5 times, it was pretty amazing, but the druid/paladin one blew my [wagon] away. Two of the best survivability classes in the game trying to heal through her DPS and couldn't. :lol: She's really good...Always top dmg in BG's, too. Yes, this is envy speaking. :P
  10. I should go take a picture of the freezer out in my garage. You'd have a hissy fit. There is literally 500 pounds of beef and 250 pounds of pork in it at the moment. :lol:
  11. Gruul would, quite literally, 1 shot the Kalaphite Queen. Seeing as that he's a raid boss, I'd imagine he hits somewhere between 1 and 2k damage on plate armor. I haven't raided on my warrior yet post-BC, so I dunno'. I can tell you every other boss hits that hard, though! :P
  12. But oddly, if Australia were to sink into the ocean, Americans would be the first people there helpin' you guys. Sweet deal! It's okay though, if Australia sunk into the ocean my first thought would probably be "Thank God. Maybe if none of them survive, we won't have to hear "G'Day, Mate!" or have anymore stupid crocodile hunters..." :lol: :P
  13. An enviromentalist group might buy it and set it up on a damn highway with a sign that says something negative about them, who knows. People are insane. How are they gonna get it there? Push it? EIther way chances of that happening are low. I bet some guys is going around with the music blaring shouting "I got Fergie's Hummer!" They'll tow it with a semi that hilariously gets better gas mileage than that Hummer, and they'll buy carbon credits to make themselves feel as if they've not just pumped carbon dioxide into the air, because, you know...Buying stuff stops that...N' stuff... But seriously, global warming isn't being caused by cars anyways, so it really doesn't matter.
  14. An enviromentalist group might buy it and set it up on a damn highway with a sign that says something negative about them, who knows. People are insane.
  15. Muslim's are obligated to offer their enemies the chance to convert before they attack them. Just sayin'. These guys think they're actually engaged in Jihad - because they're delusional - so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a bombing sometime soon. Osama releasing a tape for the first time in 3 years offering us the chance to convert to Islam...And nothing' going to happen? Somehow I doubt this. I'm not all freaked out by terrorists, infact, I don't care and I think we're MORE than safe, but it seems they are planning on doing something. In other news, I really didn't think that looked like Osama. I would have sworn up and down that it wasn't him until I looked really closely. He looks heavier and MUCH older despite dying his beard.
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