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Can someone help out a noob here please.




From what I can see, Lobbies seem to be the food of choice for healing up and people pay 150 - 250Gp each for them.




But - Lobbies heal 12 HP and you have to take it all in one go.




Why dont people use Chocolate Cake? They take up the same inventory space, but heal 15 HP and can be taken in 3 chunks of 5Hp each




Sorry to be so thick.





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It really is all to do with the one click thing. I never got it either but once you start fighting the really hard stuff the difference between one and three clicks is the difference between killing something and a free trip to Lummby.





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or ccok swordies - 14hp and one bite, and easy to get

Back by popular demand!

And I guess I just wanted to tell you, as the light starts to fade, that you aree the reason, that I am not afraid, and I guess I just wanted to mention, as the heavens will fall, that we will be together soon if we will be anything at all.

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